Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Let There Be Drivel

I have started a blog. Not because I have an interesting job. Not because I have a budding career as photographer or writer. Not because I feel compelled to share the successes (or failures) of my raging (or not) sex life. Not because I use parentheses too often. Not because I expect other people to read my blog. But because I am spectacularly bored for much of the time I am at home - and, I hate writing by hand, and using microsoft word just seemed a bit sad. This though, this isn't sad at all, this is the mark of a truly impressive person - starting a naval gazing (both my own and others') blog full of observations, experiences, criticisms and stories that have no bearing on anyone's life (including, most likely, my own) and therefore should never be submitted to the public forum. But I'm doing it anyway. Why? Because I am facing another summer of working a mind-numbingly worthless job that pays fantastically but with the worst (and ever-changing) hours one can conceive. And, judging by the rivulets of sweat running down my sides right now, it's going to be another hot and sticky (not in the good way) summer in yet another non-airconditioned apartment.

p.s. My friends call me "sunshine." My motto is, "there's always a silver lining." And, for me at least, the glass is always "half-full" - unless it's vino, then it is almost always "completely empty."