Thursday, October 12, 2006

"Mary" gave me a hard time about not updating the blog often enough. Which is understandable. I mean, I can understand how hard it must be for you people that live vicariously through my life when I take a brief pause from updating you all on my exciting exploits. I mean, without staying updated on my adventures, what the hell are you going to do to fill up the expansive stretches of boring time that consists of your llife? So here, yet another glimpse into the wonderful world of Monologuer's fabulous life as blogger and and man-host:

Today, I didn't leave my apartment. The only person I talked to was the mail lady. to say that the package she gave me wasn't mine. I watched several episodes of Family Guy. I ate 5 bowls of honey smacks cereal, 1 PB&J, half a large jar of peanuts, several club crackers with swiss cheese and a box of mac & cheese (though, I ate it plain today, normally I put in a can of tuna and some frozen peas. mmmm, peas.)

And then I was thinking about the the difference between Mac&Cheese and EasyMac. I didn't actually come up with a difference. Except that they always emphasize that EasyMac is made as a "single serving." I thought they were "bite size." Imagine my surprise when I learned that my meal was supposed to feed 2.5 people. It's a good thing there weren't 1.5 other people in my apartment today. Otherwise, they would have gone hungry. Poor things.

If you need a drink to calm down from all the excitement, I totally understand.


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