Thursday, November 02, 2006

It's a new month, and that means (for right now) that it's time for a new leaf. Monologuer has been minimally functional for the last few weeks (read: months). He goes to work, and does a pretty good job there. He stops by the grocery store occasionally. Puts in an appearance at his internship once a week. And grabs the occasional beer with friends (read: himself). He sleeps late. Forgets to mail back his Netflix movies. Watches free full episodes on Does the very, very occasional load of laundry. And very rarely, takes out the trash and recyclables. He hasn't even made tuna salad in recent memories - which used to be one of the big accomplishments/highlights of his week.

But that's all changing. Monologuer is going to start functioning, if not like an adult, then at least return to the level of functionality he had when he was a college student - when he managed to wake up on time or early, run, study, work/volunteer, write papers, stay in touch with his family and drink heavily when the opportunity presented itself. So, in the spirit of taking baby steps, Monologuer is going to start updating his blog on a regular basis. At least every other day. Which means that some (read: most) of the updates are going to be boring and you're probably going to wish you had the time spent reading them back. But, the point is that there will be updates. Because updating the blog is a baby step towards grander accomplishments. Like calling my sisters. Or looking up grad programs. Or applying to the Peace Corps. Or drinking outside of my apartment. With other people.

Get excited. Let the madness begin. Carpe Diem. La Vida Loca. Time for you to get a watch. Your mom goes to college. Whatever, I do what I want! Love ya mean it. Thank you for calling The Restaurant, this is Monologuer, how can I help you? I'm an ashole. I'm going to work from home today. Fat Carol!

Expect a lot of posts that focus solely on the little things that entertain me.

For instance: listening to's new music monday online. It may not be new, but it's new to me, and, like Christopher Columbus before me, I'm taking all the credit for its discovery.

(Also, editing and proof-reading are going out the window, so keep your grammar/punctuation/syntax/spelling comments to yourselves. I do what I want!)

PS. You should make a point of commenting. Especially if I miss a few days. Consider this "Intro to Jewish Mothers' Guilt Trips 101" - and I want you all to get A's.


At 12:48 AM, Blogger terri said...

Thank you for discovering and TOUTing New Music Monday - I had no idea!

...and I even listen to it. And 93.3. And 99.9. Are you homesick yet?


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