Tuesday, November 07, 2006

So... I have an internship. And at this internship, I basically have one project. And it sucks. It is completely miserable. And I have been avoiding it almost as effectively as if it were, say, a homework assignment.

So... even though I got tonight off of work - in an unbelieveable stroke of luck, the kind of which I have never, never experienced in a paid working environment - and I was planning I was taking advantage of the unexpected free time to be productive and bang out several of the updates necessary for me to complete the project.

But... instead, I'm on my fourth free full episode of 'The Class' from CBS. (Which reminds me, "get with the program NBC. Even CBS has free full episodes. And CBS normally just reminds me of my grandmother.") Now, I am actually pretty surprised a) that I like the show as much as I do and b) that I have already watched this many episodes in one sitting. (Which, by the way, is on a broken, straight-backed, wood chair with no seat cushion. yes, please.)

But it has, like other free episodes, occasional commercials. One that has been featuring prominently tonight is a commercial for Listerene's new Vanilla Mint mouthwash - advertised as "less intense" though equally effective. Which I happened to buy a couple of weeks ago. And, well, let me just say that it is as awesome as it sounds. And, like the commercial says, it is worth celebrating. So consider this post, and this (waste of an) evening, a celebration of the new, Vanilla Mint mouthwash from Listerene. If you could, I'd drink it for dessert. But you can't. Trust me. Less intense does not equal potable.


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